It is you taking FULL CONTROL of your business' website, learning to design, develop and maintain it independently.

It is you, joining us in-person to build, design, and launch your website in TWO DAYS FLAT.

It is a high intensity, in-person, full service workshop to help you launch a new gorgeous website in 48 hours or less!

It is you leaving work on Friday, and returning on Monday to a jaw dropping new online presence.

It is getting together with a group of entrepreneurs like yourself, over a single weekend (and infinite cups of coffee) to put your heads down to create your entire bang-up online presence all in one place.

It is refreshing (or creating) your graphics, getting fresh new headshots, professional product shots, receiving one-on-one tech support, content consultation, branding lessons, and a spiffy new website!

It is you leaving with a plan for optimizing, maintaining and updating your flashy new site from this point forward.