What is the benefit of attending website weekend over just hiring a web designer?

Anyone who has been through the web design process before, knows that sometimes things can drag out and take a long time to launch because of missing content, loose deadlines, busy schedules, late revision feedback, lots of back-and-forthing and life in general getting in the way. With two days blocked out, and a professional team at your disposal, you will get your website LIVE in 48 hours or less. Working one-on-one, in person with your web team is so much more efficient than the usual back and forth emails of traditional web design process. Also, we will supply infinite cups of coffee and all the nourishment you need to get to the finish line without interruption.


I’m not tech savvy. Are you sure this is for me?

YES! This workshop is in-person and caters to all levels of computer literacy. We make website launching fun! That said, it is very intense, focused and you will learn a lot.


What platform do you build the weekend websites on?

We teach the Squarespace platform.


Do I need to have a logo before I come?

YES! If you would like a new logo before you get to the workshop, we have designers that we can refer you to. This will be an added cost. Make sure you allow a couple of weeks for this! Otherwise, we can set you up with a temporary logo and you can easily plop in a new logo after the workshop. We'll show you how!


Are there incentives for referring a friend?

Totally! We'll shave $100 off your registration fee per friend for referring up to two friends! Be sure to email us and let us know.


What will I need to bring to the workshop?

A laptop (we like mac best), all logo files (.eps, .ai), 20-30 images to use on the site (for your portfolio as well if applicable), your domain name, login info, web hosting login info, some samples of your product (if applicable) and your content worksheets.


Do I have to do anything before I come?

YES! We will send you content worksheets ahead of your website weekend. This will be vital in saving time and ensuring that you are able to go live at the workshop.


I already have a website, but I'm not happy with it. Can I still attend?

Yes. We will help you to replace your dated website with a shiny new one!


I’m from out of town, where should I stay?

We'll put all registrants in a Facebook group so that we can share information with you such as where to stay. This way you can also get to know your workshopmates (and potentially arrange to share a hotel room) before the workshop.


I can't make it to the next workshop. Will there be another one?

Heck yes! People are raving about our website weekends! However future dates and locations have not yet been determined. Make sure that you register at the bottom of this site to be the first to know when and where our next website weekend will be happening.


My business is a 'bricks and mortar' business. Will you come to my business location for the photoshoot?

Can do! It will need to be scheduled outside of website weekend, will be at an additional cost and will require some extra planning time. Otherwise, you can arrange for your own photoshoot before or after the workshop, and we will show you how to add/change your imagery.


What does $1900 include?

$1900 includes your lessons for the weekend, your own photoshoot during day one of the workshop, one-on-one design and development consulting, your content worksheets, lunches and snacks for the weekend, and coffee. Lots of coffee. It does not include hotel/travel expenses, evening meals, or web hosting fees.


What time should I arrive on day one?

We'll have coffee, snacks and a meet and greet at 8am on Day One. We begin our sessions at 9:00am on the first day (a little later to allow out-of-towners to drive in), 8am on the second day.


Does the listed price include HST?

It doesn't. 15% New Brunswick provincial tax will be added to the listed price.


How big are the workshop classes?

We can take up to 8 companies per cohort. We want to keep the groups small. We recommend that each company send no more than two representatives to the workshop. The cohorts fill up fast and then we close registration. Anyone coming in after registration closes will be added to a waitlist for the next round.


I can't handle $1900 right now. Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes we do. Please email us to set up a payment plan that works for you! There are also programs in New Brunswick that can help you cover some of the expenses if you are an incorporated, registered businesses. Check it out here.