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kelly Lawson

Kelly is a professional photographer, and online branding and marketing strategist. She has spent most of her career understanding online marketing, developing brand strategies and building sales funnels to strategically appeal to ideal clients. Kelly is a wife, mom of a sweet boy named Jude, dog owner, shoe collector and shameless guzzler of red wine. She has also built her fair share of businesses + websites.



Sean eats code for breakfast. I mean, he really chows down on those backslash HREFs. He owns and operates a successful web development and photography company and has spent most of his professional life in the world of web and app development.  He is a little bit hipster, but not too much. Pretty sure he can figure out anything with or without an internet connection. He is a husband, father of a sweet boy named Jack and has an undisclosed number of cats running around his house licking themselves. 



Jeff spends his days helping companies understand social media and embed web-based marketing strategies into their businesses. He recognises that media continues to change quickly and most business leaders aren't sure how to navigate it. Jeff is here to help you understand how your web presence fits into the online media frenzy, and how to optimize it for ultimate business growth. Disclaimer: Jeff is a fierce advocate of everything Google - but read too much into it - they don't pay him any commission.



Matt believes that technology should be used to answer real questions and provide valuable insight, while supporting day-to-day operations. He tells us that businesses should feel enhanced by technology, not restricted by it. We believe him. This intersection between business and technology is where Matt feels most at home, that and with his wife, dog, and adorable baby girl, Lily.

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Brittney Cousins

Brittney is a marketer, start up founder and pro-photographer. She has spent much of her photography career photographing people, working closely with modelling agencies and producing images that help to convey brand messages. She is no stranger to technology, an avid gamer and web creator. Hailing from Nova Scotia, she just might be the only blonde haired, stiletto wearing hard-core gamer that you will ever meet.